How To Light A Cigar With A Match

How To Light A Cigar With A Match

Lighting a cigar with a match may seem old-fashioned, but it reminds us of old traditions and connects us to the history of cigar smoking. It reminds us of a time when people had leisurely conversations and smoking was considered an art. So, if you’re eager to connect with old rituals, explore the article written by our expert on how to light a cigar with a match.

Traditional Matches vs. Cedar Matches.

When lighting a cigar, it is crucial to choose the best match that will not affect the flavor of the cigar or the smoking experience. Traditional wooden matches for cigars provide a sense of tradition, but they are not suitable for lighting cigars. They are manufactured with sulfur, which can impact the taste of the cigar when it is lit.

On the other hand, luxury cigar matches like cedar matches are specifically made for cigar enthusiasts and have some unique qualities. They are crafted with fragrant cedarwood, which adds a pleasant aroma to the cigar experience. Cedar match sticks are longer than traditional matches, measuring 3½ inches, and they burn for a longer time. Unlike traditional matches, cedar matches do not contain sulfur, so they will not affect the taste of the cigar, making them the best choice for cigar smokers. Explore our latest guide on How to fix cigar breath?

How to light a cigar with a match?

To light a cigar with a match, follow the step-by-step guide.

  1. Choose a high-quality cigar or which you prefer.
  2. Prepare your cigar by cutting off the cap for a smoother draw.
  3. To create a longer or wider flame, make sure to select two or three cedar matches and hold them together.
  4. Light the multiple cedar matches simultaneously to create a more substantial flame.
  5. Toast the foot of the cigar by gently warming the tobacco at a slight angle.
  6. Take a gentle first puff while bringing the unlit ends of the cedar matches close to the foot.
  7. Draw on the cigar slowly, allowing for an even and unhurried burn.
  8. Enjoy the process at a slow pace and enjoy your cigar.

Is it better to light a cigar with a match or lighter?

As a cigar smoker, if you’re wondering whether it’s better to use a match or a lighter to light a cigar, both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. It depends on your personal preference which one you choose.

  • Lighting a cigar with a match is a traditional practice that connects you to the long history of cigar enjoyment.
  • Wooden matches, especially those made of cedar, can subtly enhance the cigar’s aroma and taste because they are not made with sulfur like traditional matches or gas. They are pure and will not affect the cigar’s flavor.
  • Cedar matches, similar to wooden matches, offer a soft, controlled flame that gently ignites the cigar. This reduces the risk of overheating during the lighting process.

Disadvantage of cedar matches.

  • Cedar matches have a limited burn time, which may require using multiple matches to ensure a complete and even lighting process.
  • They can be challenging to use in windy conditions, as their soft flame is more prone to blowing out.

Lighting a cigar with a lighter.

  • Lighters are modern devices for lighting a cigar that provides a consistent flame, making it easier to achieve an even burn. However, not all lighters are suitable for lighting cigars; butane torch lighters are the best.
  • Lighters are especially better if you want to enjoy your cigar outdoors. They often come with wind resistance, making it easier to light a cigar in windy conditions.
  • Lighters are also helpful for precisely targeting the foot of the cigar for an even burn.
  • Lighters are versatile and can be used for various purposes, not limited to just lighting cigars.


  • Lighters do not provide the subtle cedar aroma that cedar matches offer, which some cigar enthusiasts enjoy.
  • Lighters required periodic refilling which may be seen as an inconvenience compared to the one-time use of the match.


In conclusion, lighting a cigar with a match isn’t just a method; it’s an experience steeped in history, tradition, and expertise. By embracing this timeless practice, you’re not only lighting a cigar but igniting a connection to the past. So next time you reach for that cedar match, remember that you’re not just lighting tobacco. You’re lighting a part of cigar history and a tradition worth savoring.

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