How to Fix an Uneven Cigar Burn?

How to Fix an Uneven Cigar Burn

Dealing with an uneven cigar burn can be frustrating for any cigar smoker. You’re enjoying your cigar, and suddenly you notice one side is burning faster than the other. We understand that it can also affect the flavor and smoking experience. But fear not, in this guide, we will explore different ways to fix uneven cigar burn issues.

How to correct an uneven cigar burn?

There are different ways to fix uneven cigar burn. I also use these ways to prevent uneven burns when needed. So, let’s explore.

1. Rotate the Cigar.

One of the simple and effective ways you can try straight away to fix the uneven cigar burn is to rotate the cigar. Before that, you must identify which side is burning slowly. Next, gently roll the cigar between your fingers to encourage an even burn. You must pay attention to the side that is not burning evenly. By rotating it, you can distribute the heat more evenly, and it will help you to correct the burn.

2. Purge the cigar.

Purging is another way to fix the uneven cigar-burning issue. The process involves gently blowing into the unlit end of the cigar while it’s still lit. This helps remove any extra or stale smoke and can make the cigar burn more evenly. Be careful not to blow too hard, as this might put out the cigar.

3. Touch up with a lighter.

If you find out the cigar is burning at a low pace or has gone out. You can use a lighter or touch up the uneven part. You have to hold the cigar at an angle and allow the flame to toast the slower-burning side. Make sure to not overdo it, as too much heat can affect the flavor.

What causes a cigar to burn unevenly?

There are some common reasons for uneven cigar burn, which you should know before applying fixes. So, you can avoid uneven burn in the first place and no longer need to fix it.

Uneven Tobacco Density.

Uneven tobacco density is a common challenge that can lead to an uneven cigar burn. This issue occurs when the tobacco inside the cigar isn’t evenly distributed. Some parts have tightly packed tobacco, while other parts have less. Because of underfilled and overfilled, the cigar does not burn evenly. It might burn faster in some areas and slower in others, disrupting the smoking experience. Rectifying this problem can be challenging. You can start by rotating the cigar, which will help redistribute the heat and promote an even burn. Apart from this, you can try massaging. You can gently massage the cigar between your fingers to redistribute the tobacco. But make sure don’t apply too much pressure.

Humidity issues.

Cigar humidity is important, referring to the level of moisture or dampness in the air. When storing cigars, ensure that the humidity level is maintained. Over-humidity can wet the cigars, which can be a major cause of uneven burn. Conversely, keeping cigars under-humidified can make them brittle and dry, leading to a fast burn with irregularities. To maintain cigars, keep the humidity level between 65% and 70%. To resolve humidity issues, follow these steps:

  •  Maintain the correct humidity.
  • Properly acclimatize new cigars.
  •  Balance the humidor.
  •  Rotate the cigar.
  •  Avoid over-humidification.

Inadequate lighting.

The way you light a cigar is the first step in your smoking experience. If you don’t light the cigar properly, you risk causing an uneven burn. This can also be the result of using poor lighting tools or not giving the cigar enough time to ignite evenly. Uneven toasting can also lead to an uneven burn. As a result, you may experience uneven burning, flavor distortion, and draw challenges. To avoid these issues, make sure to:

  • Toast the foot of the cigar thoroughly.
  • Allow the cigar to ignite evenly.
  • Use a quality lighting tool.

Cigar Canoeing.

Cigar canoeing is a common problem that cigar enthusiasts face when smoking cigars. It occurs when one side of the cigar burns faster than the other, making it look like an upside-down canoe. There are a few reasons for canoeing that you should know:

Uneven humidity: If the humidity inside the cigar is not the same on both sides, one side may burn faster. This can happen if the cigar is stored in a place with varying humidity.

Airflow problems: Sometimes, the airflow through the cigar is not the same on both sides, which can lead to canoeing. This could be because the tobacco inside is packed differently.

Poor lighting: If the cigar wasn’t lit properly when you first started smoking it, one side might burn more slowly than the other, causing canoeing.

To deal with the canoeing issue, you can do the following:

  1. If you notice canoeing, take gentle puffs on the cigar to encourage even burning.
  2. If the canoeing is severe, you can use a lighter to even out the burn. Hold the cigar at an angle and let the flame gently touch the slower-burning side.
  3. While smoking, turn the cigar occasionally to help the burn stay even. This can prevent or fix canoeing.
  4. To avoid canoeing in the first place, make sure to store your cigars in a humidor with the right humidity levels, ensure good airflow, and light the cigar evenly from the start.

Cigar Tunneling.

Cigar tunneling is a problem that sometimes happens when people smoke a cigar. It occurs when the inside of the cigar burns faster than the outside, leaving a hole in the middle of the cigar. To deal with tunneling and enjoy your cigar properly, you need to know why it happens, what it does to the cigar, and how to fix it.

Two factors contribute to cigar tunneling: uneven humidity and inadequate lighting.

To address this issue, you can do the following:

  • Gently puff on the cigar to encourage even burning.
  • Touch up any uneven portions with a lighter.
  • Rotate the cigar while smoking to distribute the heat more evenly.
  • Maintain the humidity level while storing the cigar.



In conclusion, Dealing with a cigar that burns unevenly can be frustrating, but there are ways to fix it. By learning what causes this problem and taking steps to prevent it, you can have a more enjoyable smoking experience. So, if you ever face an uneven burn or other cigar-burning issues, keep these tips in mind to help your cigar burn correctly.





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