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Where smoke weaves tales and moments linger, Cuban cigars, they’re the finest finger.

A Legacy Born from Passion: The CubanCigarOnline Story

In the heart of Canada, 1999 marked more than just the turn of an era. It was the year Marilyn Spencer birthed a vision – the inception of CubanCigarOnline.com With the allure of smoke weaving tales and moments that linger, Marilyn recognized that Cuban cigars were more than just luxury; they were an experience, a journey through time and culture.

Marilyn’s passion for these intricate rolls of craftsmanship began much earlier than the establishment of the store. It was during her travels and interactions with native Cuban cigar rollers that she understood the essence of their craft – the meticulous care, the aged tradition, and the stories each cigar held. With a dream to bring this Cuban legacy to Canada, CubanCigarOnline was founded.

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Situated amidst the bustling streets of Canada, the store became a haven for cigar aficionados. Marilyn’s commitment was not just to sell cigars, but to educate and share the rich heritage behind each puff. With every Cuban cigar sold, a piece of its homeland’s story was shared, a narrative of its soil, climate, and the hands that crafted it.

Over the years, CubanCigarOnline has stood as a beacon of authenticity. While the world around it evolved, Marilyn’s mission remained unaltered – to provide the finest Cuban cigars, to be the bridge between the Cuban heritage and the Canadian heartland.

Today, CubanCigarOnline is not just a store. It’s a legacy, a testament to Marilyn Spencer’s dedication, and an invitation to experience the finest finger of Cuban craftsmanship.

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1997The Genesis

Marilyn Spencer, with a profound passion for the rich tapestry of Cuban cigars, established CubanCigarOnline in the heart of Canada. This year marked the birth of a store that would soon become an epitome of quality and authenticity in the world of cigars.

2008Expansion and Recognition

A decade later, CubanCigarOnline saw exponential growth and branched out to open two more locations across Canada. This year also witnessed CubanCigarOnline being awarded the “Retailer of Authenticity” by the International Cigar Federation, solidifying its reputation in the global cigar community.

2018Innovation Meets Tradition

In a bid to merge the timeless tradition of cigar-making with modern-day tastes, CubanCigarOnline launched a unique “Blend Your Own Cigar” experience. This allowed patrons to customize their cigars, choosing from a variety of flavors and leaves. The initiative was a tremendous success, further elevating the brand’s status and offering in the market.

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