How to fix cigar breath?

How to fix cigar breath

Hey there friends, friends! So, you have finished enjoying a big, bold cigar. It was great? But now, your breath smells a bit like you have been munching on a tobacco leaf instead of candy. That is what we call cigar breath. And let’s be honest, it’s not the best aftertaste to have when you’re chatting with your pals or heading home for a family dinner. But don’t worry, I have got some cool tricks that will help you to fix cigar breath.

How long does cigar breath last?

Cigar breath can linger for a while after you’ve finished smoking, typically lasting from a few hours to even the next day. The duration depends on factors such as how much you smoked, the type of cigar you had, and how well you took care of your mouth afterward. It also depends upon an individual metabolism and oral hygiene habits.

To get rid of cigar breath faster, it’s a good idea to brush your teeth, use mouthwash, eat crunchy fruits and vegetables, and drink plenty of water. These steps help remove the smoky smell. However, if you don’t clean your mouth after smoking, the odor can stick around until you take the step to clean your mouth.

If you’re going to be around people who may not appreciate the smell of cigar breath, it’s best to follow these cleaning steps right after you finish your cigar. You can also explore: How to light a cigar?

How to fix cigar breath?

To quickly eliminate cigar breath and avoid the lingering aftertaste known as “cigar mouth,” you can try out a few effective tricks and see what works best for you.

1. Brush your teeth.

Brushing your teeth is the fastest way to eliminate cigar taste from your mouth. If you have finished your cigar and want to get rid of the aftertaste, it’s time to brush your teeth. Use a good toothpaste and brush thoroughly around all your teeth and chewing surfaces. Additionally, you can use a tongue scraper to remove the smoky smell from your tongue. It’s a great tool, especially when combined with brushing. Together, they work effectively to eliminate cigar breath.

2. Drink water.

If you’re outdoors and don’t have your toothbrush or tongue scraper, you can use a simple trick: drink water. Swish the water around in your mouth thoroughly, as if you’re searching for treasure. Make sure to swirl the water around your teeth and gums before swallowing it. You can Continue sipping water throughout the day to help eliminate the lingering cigar smell.

3. Rinse with Mouth wash.

Mouthwash is another great way to eliminate the lingering cigar smell. It acts like a superhero for your mouth, effectively capturing any leftover bad smells and eliminating bacteria. Take a capful of mouthwash and swish it around your mouth for about 30 seconds. Mouthwash effectively reaches all the nooks and crannies, leaving your breath feeling super fresh. After that, spit it out, and you’ll notice that your mouth feels cool and smells much better.

4. Minty Fresh.

Minty freshness is another effective way to combat cigar breath. You can also use it after using mouthwash. Popping a mint or chewing a piece of gum can be a real game-changer. The minty taste will effectively mask any lingering smoky smells and leave your mouth feeling cool and refreshed. So, when you’re finished with your cigar and have cleaned your mouth, grab a mint or some gum to keep your breath fresh for hours.

5. Snack Smart.

Eating the right kind of snacks can help eliminate cigar breath. Crunchy fruits and vegetables are not only healthy but also help clean your teeth as you chew them. Apples, carrots, and celery are particularly effective in this regard. They act like natural scrubbers for your teeth and gums, helping to remove some of the lingering cigar odor from your mouth. So, after enjoying a cigar, munching on these smart snacks can help your breath freshen faster.

6. Use Honey.

Honey can be great for helping with cigar breath. It’s got a natural sweetness that can make your mouth taste nicer. Just take a small spoonful of honey and let it melt in your mouth. It coats your throat and mouth, and the sweet taste can help mask the smoky smell. Plus, honey can make your saliva work better to clean your mouth. After the honey, your breath can smell sweeter and feel fresher.

7. Use citrus Fruit.

Citrus fruits, such as oranges, lemons, and grapefruits, can be beneficial in combating cigar breath. These fruits are packed with juicy flavors that can help you rinse away the lingering cigar taste. They act like miniature mouth cleansers because the acidity in them effectively breaks down the smoky odors. Additionally, they stimulate the production of saliva, which is your body’s natural way of cleaning your mouth. So, consuming a slice of orange or having some lemon water after your cigar can make your breath smell fresher and your mouth feel cleaner.

8. Use Hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide can be used as a mouth rinse to freshen your breath after smoking a cigar. It’s effective at killing bacteria and cleaning your mouth. However, it’s essential to use the type that is safe for your mouth, not the stronger one used on cuts.

Here’s how to use it: Mix a small amount of hydrogen peroxide with water, roughly a 1:1 ratio. Swish this mixture around in your mouth for a short time and then spit it out. Do not swallow it! After that, rinse your mouth with plain water a couple of times. This process can help your mouth feel very clean and improve your breath’s smell. But for safety, it’s a good idea to consult a grown-up or a dentist to ensure it’s suitable for you to use hydrogen peroxide in this way. You can also explore: how to rehydrate a cigar?


In conclusion, fixing cigar breath is all about taking care of your mouth after you enjoy a smoke. Drink plenty of water, brush your teeth well, use mouthwash, and maybe have some mints or chew gum. Eating crunchy fruits and veggies can help, and a little bit of honey or citrus fruits can make a big difference too. If you’re outside, breathe in some fresh air. All these steps can help make your cigar breath go away quicker, so you can feel fresh and ready for whatever comes next. Remember, a little care goes a long way in keeping your breath nice and clean!

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