How to Make a Cigar Tupperdor

How to Make a Cigar Tupperdor

A DIY tupperdor is an excellent and affordable alternative to a traditional humidor, especially if you have a collection of cigars or want to store different flavored cigars in separate boxes. It’s a budget-friendly and straightforward way to keep your cigars in great condition. Let’s walk through the steps on how to make a cigar tupperdor.

How to Make a Cigar Tupperdor?

What You’ll Need:

  • A Tupperware or a similar airtight plastic container.
  • A digital hygrometer/thermometer.
  • Humidity control packs, like Boveda.
  • Spanish cedar slips or a cedar tray (optional but recommended)
  • A clean, damp cloth.

1. Choosing Your Container.

First up, you’ll need a container. This could be any airtight Tupperware or plastic container you can find in your home. Size matters here, so make sure to pick up one that can store all of your cigar collection. Don’t choose the bigger one so that your cigar cannot be rattling around.

2. Clean It Out.

To prepare your container for storing cigars, you need to start by cleaning it thoroughly. Take a clean cloth and dampen it with water. Avoid using soap, as it can leave behind scents and flavors that might interfere with the taste of your cigars. Using the damp cloth, wipe down the entire inside of your container, ensuring you clean all the corners and edges. Once you’ve wiped it down, use a dry towel to remove any remaining moisture and make sure it is completely dry.

Note: The purpose of this cleaning process is to create a clean, odor-free, and dry environment inside the container. Any residual moisture can affect the humidity levels, and we want to maintain ideal conditions for storing your cigars. Once your container is dry and odor-free, it’s ready for the next step.

3. Place the cedar.

After cleaning it out, Make sure to get some Spanish cedar slips or a tray. Lay those cedar pieces in the bottom of your clean container. Why cedar? It’s not just for the pleasant aroma. Cedar wood is fantastic at maintaining consistent moisture levels. It absorbs excess humidity when there’s too much and releases moisture when the air is too dry.

4. Climate Control.

Next, Place the hygrometer/thermometer inside your container in a location where you can easily read it without disturbing your cigars. This way, you can quickly check on the conditions. So, what are we aiming for? The sweet spot for humidity is between 65-70%. This range will make sure your cigars remain in optimal condition.

5. Right Humidity.

To maintain the humidity level in your tupperdor, you can also use a Boveda pack. This is a special two-way humidity control system that can add or remove moisture as needed, helping you maintain the humidity level between 65 to 70%. You can also explore: How to rehydrate cigars.

6. Cigar placement.

After completing these steps, it’s time to place your cigars. When arranging your cigars in the tupperdor, handle them with care. Gently place the cigars on the prepared cedar lining. It’s okay if the cigars are touching each other, but avoid packing them too tightly. Cigars need some breathing room to allow air to circulate each cigar, maintaining the humidified level.

7. Seal the tupperdoor.

Once your cigars are neatly arranged in the Tupperdor and the cedar is adding its aroma, it’s time to seal the container. While sealing the container, ensure it’s tightly sealed to prevent air from affecting the humidity and temperature.

8. Routine Checks.

To maintain optimal conditions in your tupperdor, ensure you regularly check the temperature and humidity levels using a hygrometer or thermometer device. Adjust your humidification device as needed to keep the humidity between 65% and 70%. During these checks, inspect your cigars for any signs of mold or damage. If you find any affected cigars, remove them immediately to protect the rest. Additionally, check the Boveda pack and replace it if necessary. Moreover, if the cedar appears too dry, consider giving it a gentle wipe with distilled water.

Additional tips.

Avoid Direct Sunlight: Keep your Tupperdor in a cool, shaded spot to protect cigars from heat and light damage.

Rotate Your Cigars: Regularly shuffle the cigars to make sure even humidity distribution.

Clean and Reseason Periodically: Occasionally empty your Tupperdor, clean with distilled water, and allow it to dry before adding cigars back.


In conclusion, creating a tupperdoor is a practical and budget-friendly way to maintain the cigar collection. It can help you to keep your cigar fresh and in excellent condition. By using a suitable airtight container, a reliable hygrometer for monitoring humidity, humidity control packs like Boveda packs, and some cedar to enhance the environment, you can construct a tupperdor that matches the performance of a traditional wooden humidor. It’s a simple and effective solution that allows you to allocate more of your budget to cigars rather than storage.

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