How to Cut a Cigar Without a Cutter?

How to cut cigar without cutter


Imagine you’re ready to enjoy a cigar’s flavors, but there’s no cutter! Cutting a cigar without a cutter is like solving a mystery with clever tricks. In this guide, we’ll explore creative ways to cut a cigar when a traditional cutter isn’t available. Let’s explore the technique that can help you to cut the cigar in no time.

how to cut a torpedo cigar without a cutter?

The Nail Trick.

Cut Cigar Nail Trick

That is the simplest way to cut a cigar without a traditional cutter. So, let’s explore the Nail Trick. You’ll start by locating the closed end, known as the cap. Now, position your thumb with your nail just above the cap. As you gently twist your thumb, the cap will start losing without causing any damage. You can Continue the twist while rotating the cigar between your fingers, and the cap will gracefully release. Remember, it is necessary to be gentle and not apply too much force. You can also explore the guide: How to Clean a Cigar Cutter?

Slicing with the Pocket Knife.

Slicing with the Pocket Knife

If the nail doesn’t come in handy, you can try a pocket knife. A pocket knife can do the job very well, but make sure it is somewhat sharp. Otherwise, it can damage the cigar as well.

To get started, first examine the closed end of the cigar to identify the cap. Now, hold the cigar securely and maintain a stable grip. Next, place the blade right above the cap for a clean, precise cut. Slice smoothly and with control, so the sharp blade reveals the layers inside the cigar. As you cut, gently rotate the cigar between your fingers to ensure an even cut without damaging the wrapper. After that, check your cigar to make sure you can pass air through it when you draw.

Poking with Precision.

Cigar Poking with Precision

If don’t find anything then try the Poking method. Precision poking is a practical way to cut your cigar. To do this, you’ll need a clean and sharp pointed tool, like a small screwdriver or a paperclip. You can start by Finding the cap of your cigar which is at the closed end. After that make sure you have a secure grip to keep things steady and avoid damage.

Next, you must position the pointed tool above the cap and aim for the center to create a defined opening. Now, gently press the tool into the cap with a controlled motion. Make a precise poke that allows for a smooth draw. While poking, rotate the cigar gently between your fingers. This ensures a consistent opening and prevents an uneven draw.

Biting Method.

Cigar Biting Method

If you are in a situation where you cannot find anything to cut your cigar with, the only option is to bite it. The biting method is a direct alternative. As always, you must start by identifying the closed end of the cigar, where the cap is. After that, place the cigar between your teeth and make a hard bite at a slight angle to create an opening. You must be cautious because tobacco can come inside your mouth and mess up your saliva. So, make sure to bite in one step to make an even cut for a smooth draw. Finally, you must carefully do the biting because over-biting can damage the cigar. After biting, watch for loose tobacco.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can you cut a cigar with a knife?

You can cut a cigar using a knife when you don’t have a regular cutter. You must hold the cigar steady, place the knife near the cap, and make a slicing motion for an even cut. Rotate the cigar while cutting to keep it consistent. It might not be the usual way to cut a cigar, but using a knife can be a simple and effective solution.

Can you cut a cigar with scissors?

You can use scissors to cut a cigar when you don’t have a dedicated cigar cutter. You must use scissors that are clean and sharp. Hold the cigar, place the scissors near the cap, and cut it for a smooth draw. After that, make sure to check if you’re able to draw on it.


When you can’t find a traditional cutter, unconventional methods can still help you enjoy the cigar. Whether you’re poking, biting, slicing, or using a pocket knife. These techniques offer pragmatic solutions. Be mindful of details like even pressure distribution and the impact of saliva.

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