How to Clean a Cigar Cutter?

How to Clean a Cigar Cutter

If your cigar cutter gets a bit grubby and you see that a dirty cigar is starting to cause problems. It does not open and closes easily, and it is unable to cut the cigar properly. Don’t throw it away, as you might think it can damage your cigar. In this guide, We will explore some practical steps to clean the cigar cutter and increase its life span.

How to Clean a Cigar Cutter?

You can start cleaning by following this method. It will take you 5 to 10 minutes. Material to use to get started.
1. Rubbing Alcohol.
2. Cotton swabs.
3. A clean towel.

1. Disassemble (if applicable).

First, disassemble your cigar cutter if it can be taken apart. This will give you better access to all of its components. If it is not possible to disassemble your cutter, you can start cleaning it without doing so.

2. Dip a cotton swab in Rubbing Alcohol.

You can dip one end of a cotton swab into rubbing alcohol. Don’t use too much; a little alcohol is enough for a good cleaning.

3. Clean the blades.

Gently wipe the alcohol-soaked cotton swab over the cutter’s blades. Pay attention to the blades and any tight spots where dirt can hide. Rubbing alcohol will dissolve stubborn gunk, leaving the blades clean and sharp.

4. Use a dry cotton swab.

After using the alcohol-soaked swab, take a dry cotton swab to get rid of any leftover alcohol and loosened dirt. This step will make sure the cutter is dry and clean.

5. Wipe with a Clean Towel.

At last, use a dry towel to wipe down the entire cutter. This removes any extra moisture or alcohol. And make sure the cutter is completely dry and ready to use.

6. Reassemble.

If you took it apart, put the cutter back together carefully and make sure all parts fit properly. Proper assembly is important for it to work correctly.

Cleaning cutter with boiling water.

If alcohol is not available, you can use boiling water to clean the cutter. It can also do the job effectively. First, disassemble the cutter if possible. Then, get some boiling water, but let it cool slightly so it is hot, not boiling. Place the cutter blades or cutter in the hot water for a few minutes to help loosen the dirt. While the cutter is still in the water, use cotton swabs to gently clean it or a brush to remove any remaining dirt. After that, remove the cutter from the hot water and rinse it with warm water to make sure it is all clean. Finally, dry the cutter thoroughly with a clean, dry towel to prevent water spots and ensure that it is completely dry. If your cutter comes apart, be careful when putting it back together to make sure that everything fits correctly.

Note: After cleaning the cigar cutter, if it does not open and close smoothly, you can use graphite oil or a specialized lubricant. Graphite oil and specialized lubricants are helpful for cigar cutter care, reducing friction, protecting metal parts, and keeping your cutter working smoothly.

X-type cigar.

Cleaning and lubricating an X-type cigar cutter is important to keep it working well. You can use rubbing alcohol or warm soapy water, depending on the materials of your cutter. Clean the blades and other parts that need special attention.

After cleaning, lubricate the moving parts of the cutter with a small amount of graphite or suitable lubricant, paying attention to the hinges, joints, or any area where metal components interact. The lubrication will make the movement smooth and frictionless. After a few minutes for the lubricant to settle, wipe off any excess.

Finally, rinse the cutter with warm water to remove any remaining cleaning stuff, and dry it well with a clean towel. If it comes apart, put it back together carefully. Following these steps will keep your X-type cigar cutter working smoothly and lasting a long time.


In conclusion, it is important to keep your cigar cutter clean to ensure that it works well and lasts a long time. A dirty cutter can lead to problems such as difficulty opening and closing, which can result in bad cigar cuts. However, you can easily revive your cutter by cleaning it using simple methods.

Whether you choose the rubbing alcohol or boiling water method, the key is to clean the cutter thoroughly and make sure it is completely dry. Taking care of your cigar cutter not only ensures that it works well but also helps keep your cigars in good shape. Therefore, do not throw away your dirty cutter; clean it as shown, and you will enjoy clean and precise cigar cuts.


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