How to Relight a Cigar

How to Relight a Cigar

So, you’re enjoying your cigar, and the inevitable happens—the ember fades, and you need to relight it. Don’t worry; it’s a common occurrence, and knowing how to relight a cigar properly is part of the cigar aficionado’s skill set. In this guide, we’ll explore the art of relighting a cigar.

But before we dive into the techniques, let’s address a common question that often arises: is it acceptable to relight a cigar? Moreover, what about the taste – can relighting affect the flavor of the cigar?

People are meant to enjoy cigars at a leisurely pace, but sometimes life requires interruptions. When you relight a cigar, you can notice a subtle change in flavor, especially if the cigar has gone out for a longer time. That’s why it’s essential to ensure the cigar has gone out for a shorter time, ideally within one or two hours. You can also explore: How to fix cigar breath?

How to relight a cigar?

1. Clear the Ash.

Before you relight your cigar, take a moment to gently remove any extra ash that may have gathered on the cigar’s tip. You can use various tools like a toothpick or a wooden matchstick for this. With a light touch, the ash will fall off and the unburnt tobacco beneath it will be revealed. This way, all the loose ash falls off and it will help to ignite your cigar cleanly and evenly.

2. Toast the Foot:

After clearing the ash, Make sure to toast the cigar. For that hold your cigar at an angle, angle, similar to how you do when you first light it. Then, use a soft flame source, like a wooden match or a butane lighter, to gently warm the end of the cigar without letting the flame directly touch it. It helps get the tobacco ready for a smooth and even relight.

3. Rotate the cigar.

As you’re toasting the foot of the cigar, Make sure to turn it around evenly. The rotation will help the cigar to receive an even amount of heat.

4. Puff Gently:

After toasting the foot, take a gentle puff while continuing to rotate the cigar. This will help you to draw the flame into the tobacco and effectively reignite the cigar.

5. Monitor the Burn.

After you’ve successfully reignited the cigar and it’s burning again, watch the burn line closely. If you see any parts of the cigar burning unevenly, you can use the flame from your lighter or match to gently touch up those unlit areas.

How many times can you relight a cigar?

The question of how many times you can relight a cigar is a common one among cigar enthusiasts.

In theory, you can relight a cigar as many times as you like. However, each relight may subtly change the cigar’s taste because the combustion process alters the tobacco’s chemistry. So, if you relight it multiple times, you might notice different flavors, especially if the cigar has been out for a while.

In common practice, most cigar enthusiasts discover that relighting once or twice doesn’t notably impact the experience. This is as long as the cigar hasn’t been put out for an extended period. If the cigar is relatively fresh, relighting is generally fine.

However, if a cigar has been relit many times or left unlit for an extended period, it might become harsh or bitter. In such cases, the taste can deteriorate, and it’s better to leave the cigar.

Above all, To enjoy your cigar and reduce the need for relighting, try to smoke it at a pace that keeps it burning evenly. Smoking too slowly can cause it to go out while puffing too quickly can make it overheat and turn bitter. So, Finding the right balance is part of your cigar-smoking journey.

If you’re concerned about relighting, you can choose smaller cigar sizes. They tend to burn more quickly and evenly, reducing the need for frequent relighting.

Can you smoke half a cigar and save it for later?

Is it okay to smoke half a cigar and save the rest for later? It depends on a few factors.

Technically Possible.

Yes, you can smoke half a cigar and save the rest for later. Most cigars can be put out and relit without significant changes in flavor within a reasonable timeframe.

Consider the Size.

The size of the cigar matters. Larger cigars take more time to smoke. That means you can save for later. Smaller cigars allow for shorter smoking experiences.

Humidity Matters.

To save a partially smoked cigar, you need to keep it fresh. Using a cigar case or humidor is essential for maintaining proper humidity levels. This prevents the cigar from drying out and preserves its essential oils, which influence its flavor.

Flavor Changes.

When you relight a partially smoked cigar, you might notice slight changes in flavor. The initial puffs after relighting can taste a bit different, but the original flavors often return as the cigar burns.

Time Constraints.

Saving a partially smoked cigar is handy when you have limited time. You can enjoy a few puffs, put it out, and relight it when you’re ready.

Personal Preference.

Ultimately, it’s a matter of personal choice. Some cigar enthusiasts like to smoke a cigar in one go to experience its full flavor without interruptions. Others appreciate the option to save and revisit a cigar.

Avoid Long Delays.

Don’t leave a partially smoked cigar for too long without proper storage. If it sits too long, it can dry out, lose flavor, and become unpleasant to smoke.


Relighting a cigar is common and fine to do. Just make sure the cigar hasn’t been out for too long, as it can affect the taste. Keep savoring the cigar experience and enjoy the tradition.


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