How To Fix a Tight Draw Cigar?

how to fix a tight draw cigar

Cigars are all about relaxation and savoring the moment. But what do you do when you’re all set to enjoy your smoke and find yourself struggling to draw? This is known as a tight draw, and it can make the experience less enjoyable. In this guide, we will explore how to fix a tight-draw cigar and what causes a tight draw.

What causes a tight draw in cigars?

There are some common reason which leads to a tight draw in a cigar.

Overly Packed Tobacco.

If the tobacco leaves inside the cigar are packed too tightly during the rolling process, it creates a barrier that restricts airflow. As a result, the tight packing prevents enough air from flowing through the cigar properly.

Humidity Issues.

If the humidity levels are too high, the tobacco inside the cigar may absorb excess moisture. This can cause the cigar to swell, tighten, and lead to a tight draw. Similarly, if the humidity is too low, the leaves can become dry and rigid, making it difficult to draw smoke through the cigar. Therefore, it is important to maintain the cigar at a proper humidity level, which typically ranges from 65% to 70%.

Improper storage.

If a cigar is not stored correctly, it can affect its structure and density. Changes in density and humidity within the humidor can cause the tobacco to have uneven density. This inconsistency in the tobacco’s structure can contribute to a tight draw when smoking a cigar.

Insufficient cutting.

If the cap of the cigar that you cut before smoking is not cut properly, it can limit the airflow and create a draw that feels too tight. Therefore, ensure that you cut the cigar correctly before lighting it.

How To Fix a Tight Draw Cigar?

Follow these methods to fix a hard draw cigar.

1. Massage the cigar gently.

You can start by gently rolling the cigar between your fingers, focusing on the areas that feel particularly hard. Be gentle, as you don’t want to crack the cigar wrapper. This light massage can help loosen up the tightly packed spots and improve the draw.

2. Use a draw Poker tool.

If massaging doesn’t help, you can use a poker tool to gently create a channel through the center of the cigar. Be careful not to push too hard or too far, as you don’t want to split your precious cigar.

3. Clip a bit more off the cap.

As we discussed earlier, a poorly cut cigar can sometimes lead to a tight draw. To fix this issue, you can clip a bit more off the cap by using your cutter, as the initial cut may have been too conservative. So, make sure to snip a little bit at a time, but not too much.

4. Check the humidity level.

Your humidor’s humidity level can also affect the draw. If your cigars are too damp, they may swell up and tighten. Make sure your humidor is at the right humidity level, usually around 65% to 70%.

5. Warm It Up before lighting it.

If you’re in a cooler climate, sometimes just warming the cigar gently in your hand can help. The heat from your palm can make the tobacco leaves more pliable, easing the tightness.

6. Use the chew method.

For some smokers, this method works perfectly fine. You can use it too, but you need to lightly press the end of the cigar with your teeth. This can help to get rid of a tight draw, but it is a bit unconventional and should be done with caution to prevent any damage to the cigar.

Note: These techniques can help to fix a tight draw. Caution is crucial, as excessive force may damage the cigar. Sometimes, cigars are tightly rolled during manufacturing, in which case there may be limited solutions.

In conclusion, fixing a plugged draw in your cigar is all about understanding the root cause and finding the solution. We have outlined different methods, starting from massaging to properly cutting the cigar. Make sure to apply these techniques to fix a cigar that won’t draw.

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