How to Properly ash a cigar?

How to Properly ash a cigar

Cigar smoking is a delightful experience that extends beyond lighting up and inhaling. It is a ritual that involves every aspect of the cigar, from its flavor to the way it burns. One essential skill every cigar aficionado needs to master is the art of ashing. Proper ashing is not merely a matter of etiquette; rather, it plays a significant role in the overall smoking experience. In this guide, We will explore how to properly ash your cigar.

How do you ash a cigar.

1. Observing the Ash.

As you start to smoke, pay attention to the ash that forms. Ideally, the ash should be firm and hold its shape. The color of the ash can vary from white to gray, depending on the tobacco used in the cigar. A well-constructed cigar will typically produce a longer, more stable ash. This is a sign of good craftsmanship and high-quality tobacco.

2. When to Ash.

The timing of when to ash your cigar can be somewhat subjective and depend on the smoker’s preference and the cigar itself. As a general rule, it’s advisable to ash your cigar when the ash reaches an inch in length. When it’s time to ash, the key is to do so gently. Place the cigar at the edge of the ashtray and gently tap on it or roll the cigar in the ashtray. This will allow the ash to fall naturally. If the ash does not fall off with a gentle tap, it indicates that it’s not ready to be ashed off yet. In this case, continue to enjoy your cigar for a bit longer and try again. You should also keep in mind not to tap too hard, as a heavy tap can disrupt the burn of the cigar, leading to an uneven smoking experience.

Note: Some cigar aficionados prefer to let the ash grow longer than the usual one-inch standard. They find that a longer ash can actually cool down the smoke passing through it, enhancing the flavor and smoothness of the smoking experience. However, while this practice has its benefits, it also comes with notable risks. The longer the ash grows, the more unstable it becomes. Consequently, it can fall on your clothes, such as your pants or shorts, leading to messy situations. Therefore, it’s essential to strike a balance between allowing the ash to provide its benefits and maintaining control over its length to avoid any mishaps.


In conclusion, properly ashing a cigar is an essential skill for any cigar aficionado. It differs from ashing a cigarette, which is why it is crucial to master the technique. While smoking a cigar, have patience and avoid rushing the ashing process. To ash your cigar, gently place the cigar at the edge of the ashtray and tap it lightly. The ash should fall off naturally, If it doesn’t, wait until the cigar ash reaches at least one inch in length.

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