I usually don’t buy cigars but I’d like to give them away as gifts. How do I make sure I am buying cigars from the right place?
There are some key signs that a cigar retailer has his act together. First, note what questions a retailer asks you. Like any retail business, the salesperson should try to cater to a customer’s specific needs. All those cigars on the shelves are different and some will be better suited to certain palates and level of smoker. Also, if you are shown into a walk-in humidor, pay attention to the atmosphere inside. If moist air caresses your face, and the temperature is right around 70 degrees, you know you’re in the right place. This sort of environment takes time, trouble and expense to maintain, pointing to a conscientious tobacconist. If you still doubt the conditions, however, pick up a cigar and very gently roll it between your fingers. If it is supple, oily and has just a small amount of give when you lightly squeeze, you can pretty much rest assured that the cigars are in good shape. Be wary of cigars kept in glass display cases that look as if they have been there forever. Sometimes the humidification units in these types of cases are not efficient. Check the cigars themselves in the same way mentioned above. If you are not allowed, be suspicious.

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