Partagas Salomones “La Casa del Habano”

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Box of 10s, 7 1/4 x 57



The Partagás Salomones “La Casa del Habano” is a singular and outstanding creation, specifically launched for the “La Casa del Habano” retail network, thus celebrating the rich heritage and mastery in cigar craftsmanship of one of Cuba’s oldest and most revered brands. Renowned for its commanding format and aromatic complexity, this cigar stands as a testament to the tradition and excellence that define Partagás, offering aficionados an unparalleled smoking experience.


The Salomones vitola is celebrated for its distinctive shape, featuring a double figurado that requires exceptional artisanal skill in both rolling and finishing. This format is not only visually stunning but also facilitates a nuanced and evolving flavor experience during the smoke, allowing the cigar’s aromatic profile to intriguingly develop and shift from start to finish.


Flavor Profile of the Partagás Salomones

The Partagás Salomones “La Casa del Habano” is distinguished by a rich and profound flavor profile, highlighted by earthy, leather, and spicy notes, emblematic of Partagás’s tobaccos. The experience is further enriched with hints of coffee, dark chocolate, and a subtle sweetness, perfectly balancing the cigar’s strength. The smoke is robust and full-bodied, taking aficionados on a sensory journey through complex layers of flavor and aroma that reflect the fertile soils of Vuelta Abajo, where the tobaccos for this exceptional cigar are harvested.


An Exceptional Smoking Experience

Enjoying a Partagás Salomones “La Casa del Habano” is to savor a masterpiece of Cuban cigar craftsmanship. Expert construction ensures an even burn and perfect draw, allowing smokers to appreciate every nuance of the rich flavor profile. This cigar is ideally enjoyed with time and attention, serving as the perfect culmination to a special dinner or moments of reflection and celebration.



Patargas Salomones



Exclusivity and Collectability

The exclusivity of the Partagás Salomones “La Casa del Habano” makes them highly sought after by collectors and those seeking unique and memorable smoking experiences. The presentation in specially designed boxes adds an additional layer of exclusivity and appeal, making each cigar not just a smoking experience but also a valuable collectible.


How to Enjoy the Partagás Salomones

To maximize the smoking experience of the Partagás Salomones, it is recommended to pair it with a beverage that complements its intensity and richness of flavors. A fine cognac, single malt whisky, or even a strong espresso can serve as ideal companions, enhancing and contrasting the cigar’s flavors for an even more enjoyable and complete experience.



The Partagás Salomones “La Casa del Habano” is a gem in the world of cigars, offering an unmatched combination of tradition, art, and flavor. Its release as an exclusive edition for “La Casa del Habano” underscores Partagás’s commitment to quality and excellence, ensuring that each cigar is a memorable experience for tobacco enthusiasts around the globe. This cigar is not merely an act of smoking but a celebration of Cuban tobacco artistry at its finest.

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