Ceramic Jar Cohiba Piramides EXTRA

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Box of 25, 6 1/8 x 52,

The Ceramic Jar Cohiba Pirámides Extra embodies an extraordinarily luxurious and exclusive edition that captures the essence of Cohiba, Cuba’s most prestigious cigar brand. Presented in an elegant ceramic humidor, this release not only reflects Cohiba’s esteemed status within the cigar world but also serves as a homage to the mastery and artistry behind the creation of top-tier cigars. Each ceramic jar, designed not only to preserve the cigars in optimal condition but also as a work of art in itself, encapsulates Cohiba’s commitment to excellence.


The Cohiba Pirámides Extra, nestled within this ceramic humidor, results from a rigorous selection of tobacco leaves grown in the most fertile regions of Vuelta Abajo in Pinar del Río. This meticulous process ensures each cigar offers a peerless tasting experience, marked by a flavor complexity and smoothness only Cohiba can provide. With their pyramid shape, these cigars are renowned for their ability to deliver a rich evolution in the flavor profile, featuring notes of cocoa, coffee, vanilla, and a distinctive hint of Cuban royal grass, along with the brand’s characteristic creamy smoothness.


Smoking Experience of Cohiba Pirámides Extra

Smoking a Cohiba Pirámides Extra is to embark on a luxurious and refined sensory journey. The impeccable construction of each cigar guarantees an even burn and smooth draw, allowing aficionados to savor every nuance and layer of complexity these magnificent cigars offer. The experience is intense, catering to the most sophisticated palates, while inviting a deep exploration of the flavors that define Cohiba.


A Legacy of Innovation and Prestige

The launch of the Ceramic Jar Cohiba Pirámides underscores Cohiba’s legacy of innovation and prestige. Each jar is not merely a testament to the brand’s rich history and excellence in cigar manufacturing but also stands as an object of desire for collectors and connoisseurs worldwide, symbolizing the pinnacle of cigar enjoyment.




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How to Enjoy Cohiba Pirámides Extra

This cigar is intended for moments of exclusive indulgence or to celebrate special occasions. To further enhance the experience, it is recommended to pair the Cohiba Pirámides Extra with a spirit of equal caliber, such as an aged Cuban rum or a single malt Scotch whisky, allowing the complex and rich flavors to complement and intensify each other.



The Ceramic Jar Cohiba Pirámides is a celebration of excellence, a treasure for those who appreciate the supreme art of cigar-making. Representing the best of Cohiba, this release not only offers cigars of unparalleled quality but also provides an exceptional collectible piece, marking a significant moment in the brand’s history and offering aficionados a smoking experience that is, in every sense, extraordinary.

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