Cohiba Behike 56 Ceramic Jar (25 Cigars)

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Cohiba Behike 56  Ceramic Jar-  6 1/2 x 56 Cohiba Behike 56 is known by the name Tribal Chief as well. It has always been the best cigar in the world. Today you can buy exclusive Cohiba Behike 56 online for a very affordable price. The fine materials for this cigar are made up of is Medio Tiempo leaves that are taken from the best tobacco plants. One of the unique features of these leaves is that they absorb most of the sun rays and produce a unique flavor for this cigar. The Cohiba Behike 56 cigar is a piece of the Cohiba Behike order in the Cohiba type.


Jar of 25, 6 1/2 x 56

Rated 94 by Cigar Aficionado

The Cohiba Behike 56 Ceramic Jar represents the pinnacle of cigar craftsmanship, offering an unparalleled smoking experience. This limited edition piece not only embodies the rich heritage of Cohiba cigars but also showcases the brand’s commitment to excellence and innovation. Below is a comprehensive overview of its features, designed to cater to the discerning tastes of cigar aficionados worldwide.

The Essence of Luxury Smoking

The Cohiba Behike 56 Ceramic Jar is not just a smoking accessory; it is a statement of sophistication and a testament to the art of cigar making. Each jar contains 25 meticulously crafted cigars, offering a rich, balanced, and complex flavor profile that evolves with each puff. The inclusion of ‘Medio Tiempo’ leaves, a rare tobacco leaf known for its intensity and flavor, sets the Behike 56 apart from other cigars.

Why Cohiba Behike 56 Stands Out

Cohiba Behike 56 is renowned for its exquisite construction, flawless burn, and dense, creamy smoke. Its large ring gauge allows for a more intense and fuller flavor, making it a favorite among those who prefer a robust smoking experience. The ceramic jar, beautifully designed and emblazoned with the Cohiba logo, not only serves as a protective container but also as a luxurious display piece.

For the Aficionado: A Collectible Like No Other

Owning a Cohiba Behike 56 Ceramic Jar transcends the act of smoking; it’s about possessing a piece of cigar history. Its limited production ensures exclusivity, while its performance and presentation elevate it to a collectible status, highly sought after by connoisseurs and collectors alike.

Where to Find the Cohiba Behike 56 Ceramic Jar

For those interested in acquiring this masterpiece, it’s essential to visit reputable sellers and authorized distributors. For more information on availability and pricing, visiting the official Habanos page is recommended. Additionally, insights and reviews from experts can be found on Cigar Aficionado, providing a deeper understanding of the Cohiba Behike 56’s unique attributes.

In conclusion, the Cohiba Behike 56 Ceramic Jar embodies the zenith of cigar luxury. Its limited availability, superior quality, and exquisite presentation make it a must-have for the serious aficionado. Whether as a highlight of a personal collection or as a cherished gift, the Behike 56 is a symbol of prestige and the joy of cigar smoking at its finest.

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